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Your story is unique and it is my mission to tell it though clean, crisp and elegant imagery that you will love now and for years to come. I am a lover of light and bright images.

South Africa Trip 2015-1-8

Hello and thanks for stopping by. My name is Liesl, a 30 something South African living in sunny Perth. Other than the obvious (my husband, daughter, family and photography), I love first morning light, attending early morning group exercise classes (if you haven’t gathered by now, I am a morning person), good company and good music, particularly, Dave Matthews Band.

When I was younger, my definition of creativity was limited to drawing, painting and music. I was not particularly talented at any of those, so by that definition I never saw myself as a creative.  That perception changed when I took my first photo. I fell in love instantly with the notion of being able to capture incredibly special moments and treasure them for years to come.

It was not until I met my ukulele-playing love of my life that he encouraged me to take the leap. I set out with a lot of perseverance, determination and heart to become a photographer.  I have come along way since I first picked up my camera. I have been published in leading wedding magazines in Australia and the UK and on international wedding blogs.


Getting to know you, getting to know me:


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Even though I

I am a born and bred South African girl who likes buying pretty shoes, and not wearing them. After all, some things are better left on a pedestal.
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I have been fortunate

I have been fortunate enough to travel extensively, and have lived in numerous places including China, the UK, Kuwait and now sunny Perth, Western Australia.
Make Up-1

I only learnt

With three older brothers who did not like playing make believe or dress up, I only learnt what mascara was, or how to apply it, when I was 18.
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My idea of

My idea of camping does not involve a sleeping bag or a tent.  I much prefer something with a roof and a clean, comfy bed.
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I choose cooking

I buy cookery books solely because of the photography. I recently discovered that I own five recipe books photographed by the same food photographer!

I am not a massive

I'm not a big movie fan, because I favour TV series, but I love Patch Adams, The Proposal and The Intouchables.  I also love the cinematography in Hero and House of Flying Daggers.

I love cats,

I adore cats, especially sphynx cats. Greg says we cannot get one, because it will cost a fortune in sunscreen. I am still thinking of a good counter argument.  If I were to get a dog it would be a labrador.
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My father chose

My father chose the name, and spelling, Liesl.  As far as I am aware, neither of us has watched the Sound of Music.  My youngest brother chose Kate (it is double-barrelled) and my mother chose my second name.
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I love food!

I love food, especially because it has the ability to connect people and bring them together! My favourite cuisines to cook (and eat) are Moroccan and Middle Eastern.

I am one of those

I am one of those annoying people: when I fall in love with a song I listen to it over and over again! Expect to find me singing (badly) along to Dave Matthews, who happens to be my favourite musician.